Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars

Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars

Visit to a novel settlement that diletantish can be a decision in Japan, with respect to the quantity of topical lodgings worked there. On the off chance that you like things that are charming and cute, at that point a visit to a spot that is ostensibly kawaii ought not be missed. In Japan, there are not a couple of lodgings that furnish rooms with an all-kawaii structure.

Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars
Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars

Sanrio, a Japanese organization that ‘ brought forth ‘ an assortment of kawaii and overall characters, for example, Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll and others have collaborated with Keio Plaza Hotel to manufacture a Hello Kitty themed room. The room is additionally loaded up with different knickknacks with a similar character.

Because of the huge number of positive reactions to Hello Kitty-like rooms, Keio Plaza Hotel makes an item lineup of themed rooms with other Sanrio characters. This time, the character utilized as a room improvement is My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars
Keio Plaza Hotel Shows My Melody Themed Room And Little Twin Stars

My Melody is probably the closest companion of Hello Kitty who is a female hare with a hoodie, and experiences childhood in an anecdotal woodland named Mariland. That is the reason My Melody themed rooms are loaded up with beautifications portraying the wild nature overwhelmed by the blue sky and the green of the trees.

While delineating the wild, My Melody room is as yet lovable with a trace of wild plant shading, blossoms, and mushrooms. Combined with the unmistakable Sanrio roses introduced as pads, the sleeping cushion gets cuter.

The character of My Melody itself is spoken to on the divider and portrayed playing swing. In light of the numerous shades of blue and green, My Melody glances extremely unmistakable in the room of the inn. It is a result of the brilliant red hoodie that is immovably joined as the sign of My Melody.

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The themed room of Little Twin Stars is likewise no less lovable. Loaded up with pink, the room speaks to the world on a cloud that resembles a fantasy world where the pixie characters of Kiki and Lala are ordinary to play. The twin pixies are available in the dividers of the room, and are portrayed riding on unicorns as though they are cruising a pastel-shaded dream world.


Tokyo To Nara: The Quickest And Most Effortless Approach To Find A Good Pace

Nara is a genuinely enormous prefecture in the southern and eastern piece of Osaka in the Kansai area of Japan, and perhaps the biggest wellspring of Kyoto’s economy, as the top spot to visit. A city loaded up with Buddhist sanctuaries, blessed deer, and mountains secured with Sakura makes it an absolute necessity see area for any explorer. Nara City used to be the nation’s capital, and its previous history can in any case be felt at each side of the street. Here’s the way you’ll go from Tokyo to Nara to begin your excursion to one of the most memoriam areas in Japan!

Note: If you intend to head out locally to another area while visiting Japan, buying Japan Rail Pass is energetically prescribed, as it gives you boundless quick train access with a decision of 7, 14, or 21 Day. On the off chance that you are making a trip from Tokyo to Nara, Osaka or Kyoto, and afterward to Hiroshima, for instance, the manner in which the fall will be less expensive than if you purchase a different train ticket.

Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass

You can likewise attempt an across the board visit bundle accessible to explorers, for example, a two-day Nara and Kyoto visit from Tokyo, which incorporates train tickets, convenience and nourishment.

Be that as it may, in the event that you simply need to get around quickly in Nara, Osaka, or around, a single direction train ticket might be, well, can be an alternative. Be that as it may, read on this article until it runs out, and possibly, you will adjust your perspective.

Shinkansen (slug train): The most straightforward alternative


The excursion from Tokyo to Nara should be possible rapidly by Shinkansen, taking about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto station, and afterward around a short ways from that point to Nara station utilizing the JR Nara Rapid Line (ordinary train). Nozomi is the quickest shinkansen accessible on this course, in spite of the fact that in the event that you have a Japan Rail Pass, you will be coordinated to Hikari’s marginally more slow trains and other comparative models.

The slowest type is Kodama — it is an old model that takes up to 3.5 hours to head out from Tokyo to Kyoto. When all is said in done, the moderate this ought to be kept away from, however choosing it tends to be an approach to set aside cash.


During top season, which incorporates spring and summer occasions, Golden Week and New Year, one way train ticket + association tickets bought at the station will cost about ¥14,650. Picking Hikari and going on a customary day will reduce expenses up to a few hundred yen. On the off chance that you need to be less expensive, you can pick a seat without a booking (Jiyuuseki), however this may mean you should stand up during the excursion. It is smarter to pick the seat of the booking (the “an”) and ensure your outing is agreeable.

Rebate Options

The most ideal approach to cut the expense of Shinkansen go is to exploit the JR Pass, which is accessible for momentary guests in Japan. Another alternative is to purchase a Puratto (Platt) Economy Plan ticket for Kodama from Tokyo to Kyoto — it was sold by an organization called JR Tokai Tours for ¥10,300 – ¥11,600 per piece.

Long haul occupants who are not qualified for vacationer advancement can check Japanese destinations to discover an assortment of unique offers.

Residential flights

The flight is the following choice that numerous individuals pick, and the facts demonstrate that you can fly from Haneda or Narita air terminal in Tokyo to Kansai Airport in Osaka in around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Extraordinary offers are frequently accessible with ease aircrafts in Japan, however we suggest checking the flight time and cost before booking a ticket, as this regularly changes quickly and once in a while makes The offer turned out to be less productive.


The least expensive choice to get from Tokyo to Nara should be possible just by taking the night transport. Single direction tickets typically begin selling around ¥5,000, in spite of the fact that it could have been sold less expensive relying upon the season. Transports withdraw from Tokyo’s primary train station, for example, Shinjuku, between 9 pm and 11 pm, landing in Nara around 6:30 am. Transports likewise now and then stop in Kyoto and Osaka. It is prudent to check the alternatives accessible on the date of your movement.

Neighborhood trains

The less basic approach to get from Tokyo to Nara is by picking a nearby train. While that alternative can take an entire day or considerably more, it can spare you a couple of yen — particularly in the event that you have a Seishun 18 rebate ticket. Accessible in spring, summer and winter, this markdown ticket is evaluated at ¥11,850 and permits five days of movement (continuous or not) on nearby and quick JR trains. One limited ticket can be imparted to gatherings, for instance giving five individuals every one day rail trip for an expense of ¥2,370.

To perceive what course you can take by utilizing a Seishun ticket, go to the Hyperdia site — just uncheck all the crates with the exception of Japanese and nearby railroads. The last observing, the outing from Tokyo to Nara appears to take around 9-10 hours, with six travels required. Without a Seishun 18 ticket, its ordinary expense is around ¥7.880, making night transports or household flights a superior decision.

The least demanding and most helpful choice is to utilize the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto and afterward continue with the interfacing train to Nara, particularly on the off chance that you have a Japan Rail Pass. The least expensive alternative can frequently be come to by transport.

You can likewise lease a vehicle and drive from Tokyo to Nara. Notwithstanding, the decision you can take on the off chance that you travel together, in light of the fact that it isn’t prudent if just yourself or both — the expense of gas and cost streets can be increasingly costly.